Friday, 24 October 2014

'Tis the weather for painting

Finally Melbourne has had some nice weather. Windy but warm/hot. This means it is great for slapping on some paint whenever we find the time. This evening I finished the second coat on one of the windows and on Wednesday night I did the other under lamp light after the kids were asleep. While I was doing the windows, Dave was with me doing the first coat on the weatherboards.

I thought it was time for a painting selfie as I just had my hair done last night.

Dave is up there finishing the first coat.

Stop posing. Back to work!

The white before the yellow
So more painting in the weekend ahead and hopefully some more architraves around the windows.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Gorgeous Girly Nursery

As things are a bit slow here at the moment (just sanding and painting weatherboards and windows) I thought I'd show this beautiful girly nursery of some friends of ours. Their little girl is about 4 weeks old and is very lucky to be able to have this amazing bedroom.

I love this art work painted by their friend and is a canvas hanging from a rod. So not harm fall if it falls.

Thanks for sharing these photos Dean and Alyssa. She is a lucky little girl.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fancy pants architraves

The great thing about building your own house, is that you can pretty much do what you want with the finishes. One of the finishes that we see a lot in weatherboard houses is external architraves with gaps down the side like this:

We want to make ours look "finished off" so are filling these gaps with wood strips scribed to match the outline of the weatherboards.

Here is a progress shot of the first one:
 And here is it being cut out with the circular saw:

We also wanted something a little more decorative and in keeping with the characteristics of the old section of the house. See the one in my bedroom here.

So this is what they look like.

Attaching the canopy on the top

We love it.

However, it is still missing the scotia under the bottom sill. It will look a lot beefier once that is on. I selected 110mm wide Tasmania oak timber so should hold up well in the weather and the wide architrave really gives it an expensive and classic look. I love how the top piece overhangs and has that little tapper angle.

This is just the first undercoat, so we have a lots to do still, until it is done. But so far, so good.