Saturday, 19 April 2014

A slow patch

Not much to report at the moment. We have Mum staying with us as she had to have surgery in Melbourne and can't go home yet. So we have 4 people sleeping in this tiny room. Mum is on the bottom bunk with the boys top and tailing on the top bunk and of course Heidi in the cot.
Meanwhile the outside is drying out now after a break in the weather. Dave has been spending the last two days trying to figure out how to do the roof for the lower level. Finally after going back to his old books from Tafe he figured it out. But then realised he was meant to use hardwood instead of pine for the hips so had to re-do some of it.

So below is the eastern wall roof. We actually will put a skylight in here because we didn't realise how dark that area will be. And that is the main TV/living area.

How funny does this picture look with Dave's head sticking up.
 We also got another delivery of timber today. Some for the roof and some for the internal walls upstairs. Sammy and I carried it all around the back which in itself was difficult, 1) because he is just 5 years old and 2) they were really long pieces and the gap is really tight and hard to turn around in.
 Today I also finished painting the lining boards to go under the eaves. However I have 70 meters more to paint that arrived today.
Tomorrow is Easter so we cleaned up the best we could to make way for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs tonight. I have three exited kids that have just gone to bed. Must go hide eggs now though.
Happy Easter everyone!


Monday, 14 April 2014

I love the roof

I just adore seeing the roof line of the house. And I love being up on the second storey just looking at the roof. It makes it seem so real and cosy.

Dave put up some of the new green painted rafter tails after work today too. The rest are yellow so we will paint them all green down the track. We thought they'd look more of a feature if they were a different colour.
Green rafter tails
 There also seems to be more action happening in our street. We came house to see some of the road blocked off and the street decorated with orange warning flags.
Is there a parade coming?

Pretty orange flags
I am hoping that the trees will start to be cut down tomorrow. That would be exciting.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Trusses 90% done

Today was a big day. The sun was out and we were go for putting up the trusses on the second storey. Dave asked his brother to come over and help him. While he isn't a chippy, he is a cabinet maker (he did our kitchen) so he was a massive help and probably both learnt a lot.

So here are some pictures.

First some ply bracing was put up.
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 Strapped down the studs and braced with hoop iron.
 Close up of the strapping.
Sunrise over the city this morning.
Trusses in progress.
The brothers hard at work.

From the front
From the front
 I also did some painting of the lining board to go under the eaves.
We are still hoping that the roof will go on before Easter. Fingers crossed everyone.