Monday, 2 March 2015

Plastering the odds and ends

This weekend we did plastering of fiddly small spots that had been left out. One of them was this bulkhead above the kitchen area. Hmmm I don't have the after shot, oops.
Oh and here is me, because Heidi wanted to take a photo.
 We also did the tricky wall behind the staircase. The stair guy didn't leave much gap so it was a very tight fit.
 A bit more in the stairwell.

Small strip along the bottom here.
 Here's me again holding up the plaster for another bulk head in the living area.
And here it is up.
 We actually have to double skin this spot around the window, because the steel guy made the steelwork stick out too far. The double plaster is required to cover it up.
 Apart from me doing more painting of the ceiling boards, that is all that got done.


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Starting the ceiling

You saw that on Monday we had a delivery of lining boards for the living room ceiling, well we now have a few of those installed. Yippee!

They have got coats of paint on them so far.

The first two coats are of Zinsser 1,2,3 primer. This is a water based primer that is meant to stop the pine knot holes showing through the paint. I saw that Jenna Sue used this for her ceiling. However I think she used the better oil based one, but our paint guy suggested not to use it because we have kids living in the house and the fumes are strong or toxic or something. So we went for the water based, and just used two coats. So we will see how that holds up.

So I could only really do 4 boards at a time due to space limitations.
I sanded them lightly after the first coat was applied, and after two coats they looked like this.
So then I did one coat of Dulux ceiling white.

This is a very matte paint with no sheen to it. Now that I see it on the boards, I am wondering if our last coat should be a low sheen or something a little glossier to make them prettier. What do you think?

I have painted another 4 ready to go today but I don't think Dave will have time to install them tonight. As you can see it will be a slow process but already I am loving the result. It will look brilliant with the big fans hanging from them.

So they still will need to have all the nail and knot holes filled, gaps filled and then sanded again and hopefully just one last coat of paint.


Monday, 23 February 2015

Plaster and lining boards delivery today

It was a stormy day in Old Melbourne town today and I was a bit worried that our plaster delivery would get all wet. But my clever husband had ordered it to get delivered after work so it arrived and Dave was able to help the delivery man bring it all in out of the weather.
These are them in the house safe and sound. Look at how many lining boards I have to paint!! Eek. But they will look amazing so I am happy to get stuck in.

After dinner tonight, Dave and his side kick hung some plaster over and under the staircase.
 Hopefully we can get the stair guy back in this week to do some more work. Fingers crossed.

With each little piece of plaster and small bit of work, it is feeling better and better and more like a real house again. It is motivating to feel like it is progressing.

So tomorrow I hope to get some boards undercoated, but not sure how much I will get done with a toddler in tow. Might have to put Frozen on repeat to babysit. She is so cute at the moment, pretending she is Queen Elsa and singing around the house.