Sunday, 29 March 2015

Boys room panelled ceiling

You may recall that we had a delivery of EasyCraft VJ paneled sheet on Thursday; well this weekend we got up the first sheet. There was quite a bit of preparation that had to be done first. We had to add in extra timber to carry the sheets. This involved sorting through our big timber pile in the backyard to find some nice straight and non-mouldy lengths. Ended up with very close to enough to do the whole ceiling saving us money! Yay!

Then they had to be straightened by planing and packing them.

We did have to buy a sheet lifter which was about $250 and some screws and more stud adhesive.

But finally we got one up in Sam's room.
Our new sheet lifter in action

I also painted two gloss coats of water-based painted on the two front windows. The colour I chose is called The Hamptons by Valspar.

I think I might do one more coat though to be safe.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ceiling panel delivery

This afternoon we had the EasyCraft ceiling VJ panels delivered.

They look gorgeous and I keep thinking where I can put more of them.

So impressed with Sammy too. He spent over and hour cleaning up the mess that the stair guy left behind. He picked up all the off cuts, swept and vacuumed. He didn't want to stop.

The cost of these was around $1500 but I think it will look so much nicer than plain plaster.


The staircase finally done!

And it is fantastic!!!

Yesterday Brad the staircase guy came back for the afternoon and worked on the staircase. Said he would come back today but I wasn't sure I believed him. Turns out he had left both his sets of tools here so he had to come back.

This is what it looked like yesterday.
 That's Brad the stairguy. He said he didn't want his face on the blog.
 Today he put the blackbutt landings on and the rest of the stringers and the extra trimmings.

Blackbutt staircase landing

Bespoke newel with blackbutt top
They feel so solid and so grand. Now we need to find a great painter to paint them up.

Brad said he is sending out one of his workers to sand them and tidy up the edges next week. I am so relieved that they are finally in. He sure has done a great job on them and worth the wait.