Friday, 25 July 2014

Good Friday

Some good things happened day:

1) On my lunchtime walk today I found $2, so I went to the shop and bought a big packet of mini kit kats and gave all my workmates one.

2) Dave got $100 from a workmate who sold some junk from their work site on Ebay and shared the winnings.

3) I got home to find that some more weatherboards had been delivered for the second storey.
I moved the all around the side so Dave could get his car in the driveway.

4) I got the news that I was hoping for. The plumber is coming tomorrow to finish some roof stuff and put the long awaited skylight in! Woo hoo!

5) I got excited and started painting some windows before dinner. Just the smallest ones that I could lift.
6) Our steelwork was being made today. That means soon we can install it and finish laying the yellow tongue flooring.

So it is all happening and I am starting to get a bit of excitement and motivation back. I think once winter has past, and I am not so cold and miserable, we will be getting a lot more done.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The broken window

It arrived today when we were at work.

Our neighbour helped Dave move it. We have the best neighbours (bar one or two, but every street has those huh). Actually yesterday our nextdoor neighbour and I were chatting and she said they want to stay (they rent) longer because we are so nice! *cue me blushing* Funny story though, she though my name was Felicity! Even wrote it on a thank you card she sent me. I thought it was put in the wrong letterbox until I read it. Now people are calling me Flick.

Apparently the roofer tried to come yesterday to do some more finishing off of the roof. But because our concrete footpath was being poured they wouldn't let him in. Not very happy about that. But, there is a wee chance that he may be able to get a leave pas from his wife and come here on Saturday to put the skylight in. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but that would be awesome if that happened.

Another thing that I must get on to, is getting a heating/cooling guy out to advise us the best options for our house. I might call them next week.


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Pretty new crossover

Today the street workers poured our new footpath and crossover. We are so thankful to the council as originally they were going to charge us for a new crossover but something happened and they are just doing it for free. Didn't even have to get a permit. That never happens with our council so we hope we don't get a bill in the mail down the track.

Check her out!
 They even gave us a little bridge to get over it while it dries.

 The other cool thing that happened today was my new camera arriving. Remember when my old camera left all those spots on the lens? So I borrowed an old point and click from work, but that was not great. So I used my visa card points plus $52 to get a new Nikon Coolpix S3600. Another point and click but I just don't have the spare cash for a dslr, nor the knowledge on how to use it.

So far so good though.