Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Flashback. Were were we 12 month ago?

Every now and then I like to flash back through my blog posts to see how far we have come. This time last year we had been to the home show (didn't go this year)
and were weatherboarding the outside of the house.
Gee I am glad we are not back there now.

The other thing I was doing was painting the windows. Crazy to think I am still doing this. Well actually I finished all the windows on the weekend apart from the outside of the largest one downstairs. I need to take a photo sorry.

Did I talk to you about carpet? That is being installed on the 8th of September and next week we are having the Daikin reverse cycle units installed. That reminds me I need to pay that bill today.

I have been painting everything that I can at the moment. Yesterday I fill, gaped and sanded the fireplace mantel and the built in seats. Again I need to add a photo of that. I still plan to paint the top part a blue/grey colour, so I need to choose a colour soon.

So far we have had no word about the other built-ins. I am a bit sad about that as I was so excited. Seems maybe he doesn't want the job. That will teach us to ask family.

That's about all for now.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Take a seat; fireside.

As I mentioned during the week, the flu was doing the rounds. Dave had to take Friday off work to stay home with our eldest son. While he napped on the couch, Dave got stuck into the undercoat in the back room. So when I came home from work, the back area was so light and bright and fresh.
It really was amazing how much lighter the space was.. Hooray!
Heidi liked her new white play space too.

Then on Saturday he started on the fireside seating/drawers. He started with a box made of mdf then cut out the space for the drawers.
By the end of Saturday he had one done. Slacker!

Then today he did the other one.
And now it looks like this, all ready to make the drawers.
My job for the weekend was to prep and paint the big window in the living room. Even doing that had a huge effect on the brightness of the living room.
This little girl kept asking me to play chasings about every 3 minutes.

So now I have done one undercoat and two coats of gloss. I will see how it all looks tomorrow but suspect that it make need another one; at least in some spots.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Upstairs all painted

Finally!!  The upstairs and stairwell is completely painted. Ceilings were done by the painter last week, then I did the windows, skirts and architraves around the doors in the gloss Valpsar 'The Hamptons' colour. And tonight saw us finish off the rolling of the stairwell walls. I rolled the upstairs retreat, while Dave took on the move dangerous job of the high stairwell.

Cutting in the stairwell
Cutting in the stairwell
Here you can see the colour of the Valspar 'Montpelier' paint. It truely is a lovely shade. A very pale warm grey. 
Valspar 'Montpelier' paint
Below is the finished colour.
Valspar 'Montpelier' walls and 'The Hamptons' trim
Valspar 'Montpelier' walls and 'The Hamptons' trim
Valspar 'Montpelier' walls and 'The Hamptons' trim

Valspar 'Montpelier' walls and 'The Hamptons' trim
We have since replaced the door hardware but not when I took these pictures. The other thing that we needed were some door stops to prevent the new handles from denting the walls when opening. So I went to Bunnings and picked up some. Unfortunately they only have them in gold or silver. So I got silver and spray painted them in my good old Rustoleum Oil rubbed bronze. Oh and the silicone spray was to stop the new hinges from squeaking! Worked a treat.

Now we are looking at carpet. I chose a Redbook Carpet called Ripcord which is a solution dyed nylon in a sisal pattern. We are ordering it through Western Distributors in Sunshine and will cost about $3000 for the whole upstairs area and a runner down the stairs. Hopefully it will be installed in the second week of September if Dave goes and orders it tomorrow.  The colour we chose is the one in the bottom right of the picture below. It is in stock which makes it a bit cheaper.
I think once the carpet goes down the whole area will feel totally different. I remember the carpet going down in the bedrooms when we did the first reno on the house; and that was the think that really made it feel like a cosy house.

Apart from that we have all had the flu (minus Hubby) and have been taking it easy.