Monday, 27 April 2015

Beginning the fireplace

We have had a bit of progress with the fireplace this evening. It is 9.10pm and Dave is just packing up his tools now. He is a hard worker that is for sure. As it is getting dark early now, we asked the neighbour if he had a spare work light. He said he didn't, but a few minutes later we get a text message saying that he is driving to is father in laws place to borrow one. Wow! How nice is he? We are so lucky to have awesome neighbours around us.

So this is what happened tonight (of course his little helper was never far away, even sitting nearby to do his reading homework to Daddy whilst he worked so he didn't miss anything).

Setting out the base

Marking the roof

Putting up some studs No idea if the nail gun kept the kids awake or not.

Starting to look like my mock up picture now huh.
Tomorrow the electrician should be coming to start some work, so I am looking forward to that.


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Upstairs ready to be stopped up

After our timber arrived on Friday morning, I came home from work to see that Dave had been busy moving it all and sorting it into piles based on length. He also started stacking it so the air could flow through it.

The electrician did show up and he ran a cable for a pendant in the stairwell which wasn't in the original plan.
Today he finished all the upstairs ceiling panels.

 He temporarily hung the fans in the boys bedroom which I am loving the look of and the kids were super excited to see these up.

As for me, I painted the last window upstairs Phew! It is the big one picture above.

So now we can get a few quotes for the plasterers to come and stop up the plaster ready for painting and adding the trim.

Next job is to start on the fireplace framing.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Flooring has arrived

So early this morning (7:45am), our Blackbutt solid timber flooring arrived from Urban Salvage. This is just for the raised living area and cost us $3600 which includes a 10% trade discount.

Lifting the delivery over the roses.

The gorgeous colour of our Blackbutt. Should lighten up our living room.

Dave has a day off work today so he can move it all inside, where it has to sit for 2 weeks to acclimatise before installing.

The electrician was meant to come to install light today but apparently we got our wires crossed and he is just coming to take a look at what he needs to do today. Boo to him. But next week he should begin, so not too much delay.