Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cabinetry installation day

Such a long awaited and exciting day today. Cabinet day!

At 7:30am this morning the boys from Wattle Valley Kitchens rocked up ready to install. And install they did! What great work and so professional and tidy.

Let's just get to the pictures shall we?

Here are the drawers for the fireplace seating going in.
Here they are in. I have plans to make two of these filing drawers. Just need to tell Hubby how I want it done and watch the magic happen.
Of course, I still need to paint them and put on some handles.

Then came the laundry:

So we need to decide on a splashback here. Oh my favourite part is the hamper drawers.
Upstairs they installed the drawers in Sammy's wardrobe (by the way they all have soft close hinges even though I asked for normal ones).
Finally, today they installed the wardrobe in Andrew's bedroom.
So happy it is all in place. Not looking forward to painting it all but I just have to remember how much money I am saving by painting them myself.

Only problem, is that the laundry upper cabinets didn't extend all the way to the dryer, so they are making up another cabinet to go in that spot.

I also, am trying to pick handles. That is tougher than you'd think.

They measured up for the drawers and doors under the TV cabinet but not sure when they will be done.


Sunday, 11 September 2016

New couches

How nice is it to have our weekends back! Problem is, it doesn't give me much to blog about. We actually found ourselves feeling lost and not knowing what to do. As soon as I sat down to watch some footy, I felt guilty that I should be doing something on the house. It was a strange feeling.

On Saturday morning we went couch shopping.

In fact, last weekend we visited Pottery Barn and feel in love with a couch there called the Pearce sectional in Silver.
So it was an L-shaped couch and had lots of space and lovely material and very comfy. Here is the picture from their website.
However the price was the scary part. It was retailing at $6354. Holy Moly. Imagine if the kids split something or the future dog ripped it. Eeek! Then a few days later, Pottery Barn advertised a 20% off sale. Taking it down  to around $5084. Still lots of money but a bit better.

Then I did some research online and came up with this problem.
How To Fix Smashed Couch Cushions
Honey we're home
She showed her Pearce sectional and how the back cushions get mushed up and apparently only after a few months. Well..... this changed things. This would drive me crazy!!! And when you spend that much money you don't want to regret it.

So, we did a bit of looking online and in-store. I quite liked the Plush Sofas. My brother in law just ordered a Colt sectional as they have a 50% off sale at the moment. I really liked it but wasn't completely sold.

Then we ventured to Freedom at DFO in Essendon on Saturday. I currently have a Freedom sofa that Dad bought for me for my 21st Birthday (so about 17 years old now)...
Old Freedom couch.
...and it still is in great condition. The current trend in sofas is mid-century modern, which really isn't our thing. We had a very helpful sales lady called Sabrina and after describing our space to her she helped us realised that we would be better off getting two plain 3 seater sofas. We were about to try looking in the other shops at DFO when I spied this beauty out of the corner of my eye.

2 seater Grand Lodge at the top and 3 seater Grand Lodge at the bottom. Freedom Furniture.
The name is the Grand Lodge (I also loved the name as it kinda matched my style). Then... I sat on it. O.M.G. It was the most comfy thing ever!!!!  The back is a bit higher than the rest so it supports your neck and head. The seat isn't too deep, so you don't feel like you have to lean back. And the seat cushion was such that it supported your bum and lower back. It has nice wide and strong arms. And for a 3 seaters, it actually have 3 cushions (I don't like 3 seaters that only look like they have 2 seats, like my current couch does). It only comes in 3 fabrics (but also in leather.. mmmm nice) and we are getting it in a colour called "Colt Navy" which if you can imagine would be a light grey-bluish version of the one pictured.

Here it is on the webpage.
Grand Lodge 3 seat sofa- Freedom
The price is RRP $1899 but if you join the My Freedom club you get it for $1614.15. So we got two and they will be made overseas and be here in 8 weeks. If any sales appear during that 8 weeks, we can get the price adjusted, so fingers crossed that there is a big sale.

So that is kind of exciting and cool.

ETA: It did come on sale and we got it for $1329.05 (but did delay it by 2 weeks. Oh well)

As for the old couch, that will go upstairs in the kids playroom and be used for sleepovers as it is pretty big once you take off the back cushions.

Hope everyone has a great week and Go Bulldogs!


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Final Inspection

When we last left off, I mentioned that we were about to have the final building inspection. The good news is that we passed. So officially we are done!!

Since this news, we have really taken it easy and haven't done a thing on the house. Even went for a day trip with the kids on Saturday for the first time in ages. It has been so nice and we are feeling so relaxed.

We started to tidy up the garden on Sunday because the weather was amazing. I pruned all the roses and we cleared the front porch. I do need to get a new doormat now as the old one is filter with years of building dust in it.

Speaking of doormats.... I picked up this cutie today for inside the laundry door.
We still need to wait for the cabinetry (they are saying November now) but we are delaying the kitchen cabinets until we save up some money to replace all the doors at the same time.