Sunday, 17 July 2016

Painted the hallway

Another weekend down and more jobs ticked off the list. Hooray!

During the week, the electrician came back to do a few jobs.
1) He moved the kitchen pendants to the new position over the island bench.

 2) He installed the new laundry pendant.
 3) He reattached the powerpoint to the microwave under the island so we could move the microwave back into place.
4) He replaced a faulty powerpoint; and
5) He moved the light switch in Andrew's bedroom so we can install his wardrobe.

On Saturday, the plasterer came to fix holes in the walls.
1) He fixed the laundry, where we had to cut out for the pipe problem in the new shower.

2) He added cornice to the top of the cabinetry in the lounge room.
3) He covered the holes in the kitchen ceilig where the pendants used to be; and
4) He patched up the main bathroom where the door used to be before we moved it.

I promised some photos of the window film that I put on. Not very exciting but had to be done to pass inspection.

David bought some weatherboards and has almost finished replacing broken and missing boards down the blind sideway. Here the board are ready to be cut.

 Hopefully during the week, we can finished hanging up the dryer in the laundry. We have the hole cut where we need to vent it, see...

 On Thursday the glazier added the glass to the window above the laundry door.
 Then on the weekend, I did two coats of paint on the hallway. Which I changed the colour for. The other one was too dark. I am glad we did a test before we did the whole room. It is now the same as the colour upstairs and in the living room. However, it looks so much greyer in this south facing hallway.
 We are hoping to get in touch with the kitchen cabinet people today. Cross your fingers they call us back.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Windows and painting

Gee, I just realised that I haven't done and update in ages. I am getting slack with the blog as we are nearing the end. I may have even heard Hubby say last night that it should be ready for final inspection in 6 weeks!!  Of course that don't include things like painting and finished cabinets, but after the building works have finished we can take our time with the rest and get our weekends back whenever we want without a time pressure over our heads.

Last weekend I decided I should start to prep the hallway for painting. Currently it is a pale yellow, which I don't mind at all but just not in keeping with the rest now.
First thing I needed to do was to replace the light fitting. But on asking Dave, the answer was no. So I resorted to spray painting it Oil-Rubbed Bronze. At least then it wouldn't be gold anymore.

 Then I filled and sanded the skirts and archs and gave them a coat of undercoat/sealer. The colour that I chose for the hallway (and kitchen) is a Sherwin-Williams colour called Repose Grey.

Here is the cutting in I did with the sample pot. I am yet to purchase the big tin.
It is a greige I think (mix between grey and beige). Anyhow, I love it. Oh and I decided I would paint the picture rail white too.

The deck is finished now. Just needs to be oiled. Here it is almost finished.
Heidi is giving it a test run.
This weekend, we replaced the old kitchen window with the new window which will allow the new kitchen cabinets to pass underneath. 

The old window gone and framing the for the new window.

New window with architrave
We have a new painter. He is helping do the yucky outside work. Today he is beginning on painting the ceiling of the deck.
Sneaky photo of the painter this morning.
On Saturday I finished putting the obsecured film on the upstairs windows, but I will post about that latter.

Tomorrow the sparkie is coming to do some electrics and hang the new laundry light and move the kitchen pendants to be above the bench.



Sunday, 26 June 2016

Doing the back deck

Wow! This weekend was COLD in Melbourne town. Brrrr..  I had to get the ice off my car window this morning and froze watching my son play Footy this morning. Yesterday, during the morning and early afternoon, the weather was more tolerable, so Heidi helped me start oiling the bottom and sides of the decking boards.

We used this.
Dave painted all the joists black as required by our surveyor to protect from the weather and water sitting on the joists. We just used Wattyl Solargaurd.
Then he started laying them. Didn't get very far though because we ran out of room to layout the boards for painting. But we got this many done (sorry for the bad photo) and during the week I will try to paint more.
Not much on this week. It is school holidays so I guess I will be entertaining the kids on my days off rather than renovating. Hopefully though we get the next cabinet quote in during the week.